Has been Continued!


The international filmmaking workshop has released four new short films made by children living in childcare.


The ChildEye Nonprofit Association held it’s filmmaking workshop at the third time from 30 March – 4 April 2015 at Huvosvolgy Childcare Centre. It was supported by Visegrad Fund.

All the films made during the workshop, were officially screened at 10 am 4th April, on the last day of the sessions at the Centre’s main hall. There was a prize giving ceremony after the screening, where all contributors received presents and certificates of the filmmaking.


 Check, Polish, Slovenian and Hungarian children, living in childcare took part at the four day programme.

The filmmaking started with befriending warm-up exercises for two days, on the third day the children wrote scripts, and the next day they shooted their stories with the supervising of a professional film director Arpad Bogdan, who had lived in childcare himself. The last day was spent with city tour, and a visiting Etyek Film Studios and in the afternoon the children made the editing and after-works with the help of professional filmmakers. This joint work was really interesting, and promised quality outcome in every ways.  

We should mention the professional helpers as well: Directing tasks were supervised by: Arpad Bogdan film director ( Happy New Life), script writing was held, and helped by Dorka Gergely scriptwriter, Noemi Mehrli and Attila Csaba managed the editing,  Sound recording and afterwork was made by Tamas Steger, Make up Tunde Szabo, And the group leaders Nándor Grosch, Dorka Gergely, Pirisi Péter Klausz, Dávid Fóti, Kriszta Molnár, és Bálint Mácsai were.

  This short of filmmaking contains traditional element of group psychotherapy and professional filmmaking as well. The importance of the work is, that even after a week of creative work, children have measurable output of improvement at easing down pressure, increasing problem solving, and their selfreliance, They can use later in their life what they learn at these sessions. Not in the least they more likely to choose profession in the field of filmmaking. Practically many of these student end up working with films.  

The films made at To Be Continued 2015 workshop, are screened at the V. Childeye Film Festival in a special screening on 8th May at Mucsarnok.

The filmes can be viewed on the folloving links:

Slovenian group’s film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_rqxD_3UpU&feature=youtu.be

Polish group’s film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZXuYmAwmb4&feature=youtu.be

Check group’s film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BPOp0A4we4&feature=youtu.be

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