The president for the Kid’s Eye was awarded by the György Ferenczi Foundation.

Our president Nándor Grosch recieved the memorial and the plaket by the György Ferenczi Foundation, with these evaluating his many years of work.


Congratulate him for this!


Appreciation below:


„The price winner was in many roles, but has been always worked to ensure for the children, to whom need of different instituional support, also enjoy their years, find the miracle of life in safe and in confident atmosphere, to expect for the care of the adults, who concern with them. He is doing his work with deep knowledge and professionalism, it can also be a roof of it, he had grown up as well in children's home. The award is given to Nándor Grosch, a film production manager, a child protection professional, for his diverse support for children in special needs care and providing them currently as a tutor, children’s homeleader, child protection guard and as the special significance work doing president for the Kid’s Eye Art Assotiation, what helps for children, who are living outside, or inside in the family, to express their feelings and thoughts, with the help the language of the film.”

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