Kid's Eye Norwegian project has launched

Action! - In front of and behind the camera!

The project aims to disperse the traumas of children in children's homes and to improve their ability to cooperate with others. The long-term objective of the project is to enable children to find their place in adult life and to help their integration within society. During the project 15 teamwork documentaries and 15 fictionalized short films will be produced on tolerance, based on the participating children's experiences. The location will be provided by two Budapest based and one non-Budapest based children's homes, meetings will be on a weekly basis. Work will be assisted by group leaders: film industry professionals, teachers and psychologists. The direct target audience of the project is the group of 30 children who participate in the film-making process, while the indirect target audience - cc. 500 people - are first of all those children who might incidentally become involved in the process, as well as family members, friends, school mates, teachers, instructors and visitors of our children film festivals.

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